Dear Friends and Family,

We’ve had some really amazing and memorable years with Vita Morte as a brand but now we feel like it's finally time to shut the brand down because me and Joe are moving to Los Angeles to pursue our dreams……Naaaah, I'm just fucking with you but we are making some major changes to the brand. We’ve come too far and progressed so much that it would be a shame to simply throw all of that away by killing the brand. Vita Morte is something that we started back when we were shorties in high school so naturally we knew there would come a time where we had to sit down and re-tool the concept of the brand. As we’ve grown, so have our ideas. With that said, we feel like it's essential to drop "Morte/DEATH" from the name of the brand. We want to make sure we have a brand that's filled with nothing but good vibes; from the name, to the concepts. Also, being from Chicago, we don’t want to have the word "Death" in the name of our brand.

So moving forward the brand will drop "Morte" completely from the name and only be known as "VITA". 

This change has opened up what we can creatively do with the brand. We're definitely very excited about the limitless possibilities that will come from VITA but don't let the change worry you, we plan on keeping our foundation as the fun Chicago brand that the world and city has fallen in love with.

Shot by  Desmoney

Shot by Desmoney

The last and final collection for Vita-Morte is a culmination of all of the love and support that you all have shown us over the years. We truly appreciate each and everyone one of you. So think of this last collection as a closing ceremony for an amazing chapter that will help us launch the next one. VITA IS HERE!

new vita logo